Call For Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Environmental Chemical Engineering

Ion exchange
Membrane Processes
Magnetic separation
Particle separation
Adsorbents, catalysts, and nanocomposites
Phase separation
Multiphase extraction
Thermal/evaporative processes
Advanced oxidation processes
Heterogeneous catalysis
Fenton oxidation
electrochemical treatment
wet air oxidation
chemical and biodegra-dation

Environment and Biological Engineering

Biochemical Reaction Modeling
Rheology of Engineered and Biological Materials
Environment chemical contaminants, and their metabolites
Recombinant Proteins
Molecular Thermodynamics
Chiral-Drug Purification
Biocompatible Polymers
Medical biotechnology
Metabolic engineering
Synthetic biology

Environmental Catalysis and Materials

Silica Membranes
Catalysis and the Environment
Catalysts for Renewable Energy and Chemicals, the Thermal
Conversion of Biomass
Studies of Membrane Reactors
Emission Control from Stationary Sources
Polymers, Back to Chemical Feedstocks
Biomass Conversion
Deactivation, Regeneration and Recycling of Hydroprocessing Catalysts

Industrial Ecology

material and energy flows studies
dematerialization and decarbonization
life cycle planning, design and assessment
design for the environment
extended producer responsibility
eco-industrial parks
product-oriented environmental policy

Environmental Assessment

Environmental impact assessments of energy systems
Environmental sustainability
Atmospheric Environment